Parfait Perfect!

Basic parfait recipe100% cream

80% sugar

80% egg yolk

1% vanilla
Basic semi freddo recipe

100% cream

80% sugar

80% water

80% yolk

1% vanilla
Semi freddo means semi frozen but it’s a frozen dessert, very similar to parfait just given different names. I believe the difference is the semi freddo is done by heating the sugar and water to 118 degrees and added to the yolks and whisked till it cools. A parfait on the other hand is a sabayon of the sugar and yolks heated to 80 degrees. Personally I prefer the parfait with the sabayon, as it is more controlled and you know the exact tempreture the egg is cooked too. Semi freddo takes abit more technique and you don’t know the tempretures exactly. So many things can go wrong.
Creating the ripple in the semi freddo 

Create the compote or couli discussed in the sauces section and this suace is thinner than the semi freddo mix so it won’t absorb as fast, but it will if you over mix it all. So just one stir will be enough.


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