Just another day in the kitchen

This is a video of some of the work that goes into creating dishes that people expect to have in front of them within 10 minutes. 


T-your life

You have to remind yourself of constant mortality. Time slowly ticks away you have to keep moving. As we chefs spend hours on end stuck in tiled four walls we have to remember that there is a big wide world out there, it’s not all in those white walls.

Why is our meat so inconsistent?

We have farm lands that cover most of Australia, we have fresh produce growing, we are known for our meat, but yet our meat that we buy comes in frozen? Obviously you can pay more for a fresh duck, you order it. Then the next day you are waiting for the order to complete your prep then Ofcourse, they don’t have your order til Monday, not really going to help me through a weekend for a top quality product. I’m sure their are some great farmers in Australia, hell I’ve had some great meat, but getting a consistent supply of meat is appearently a hard ask. All I want is the properly aged meat that I order hell even the correct grade would be great. But no, I’d be better off writing my hopes and dreams on a piece of paper, and putting them in the bin and they might come true. I believe they keep just sending me their half arsed shit, or frozen expecting me to just sign it off so I can just get through the weekend. I keep sending it back so I have receipts and credit notes the size of the lord of the rings trilogy. I just want us to up our game in Australia, we promise products but we can’t keep consistently deliver them.