Making that caviar

It looks like caviar but just quite isn’t, it’s gel balls to put it simply. They can be a any flavour you like and would be perfect to tie up your dish or even make your own bubble tea

So to start this recipe the most crucial part is to make your vegetable oil as cold as possible, so put it in the freezer for about an hour.

Now it’s time to make your flavour, so take any liquid you like, beetroot juice, orange juice, anything you want, then weigh the juice, and add 1% of the weight, so 1kg equals 10g of agar. Or 1.5kg equals 15grams of agar easy. Take the juice and the agar to 100 degrees.

Take out your oil and get it into a deep bucket or container, and put your juice into a squeeze bottle. You guessed it slowly drip the juice into the oil, it will sink to the bottom and set into balls.

Make sure to strain the balls out and give them a rinse! Don’t want them to be oily. These bad boys won’t melt until it hits 80 degrees.


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