Molten chocolate cake

A real crowd pleaser, a chocolate cake that has chocolate that oozes out the centre, a self suacing dessert really. Can’t go wrong with it if it is done right.

100% butter

100% chocolate buttons

Heat over a Bain Marie to melt

120% sugar

120% eggs

50% egg yolk

Whisk until pale and thick

100% flour

20% cocoa

Add cool chocolate and butter to eggs slowly incorporate then add flour and cocoa folding it through. Then pipe into metal molds, quarter fill, add 3 chocolate buttons then fill to halfway. Bake for 12-15 minutes.
The chocolate inside will melt and the cake will be cooked so there is no reason for under cooking the cake and having raw batter inside. 
This dessert would do well with angliase and a sorbet, choose your flavours. Make sure to balance out, have some sweet, with rich some sour to match the bitterness of the chocolate, a little bit of salt will enhance this dish.
In the example I have given strawberries rum and angliase.


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