Making dem gels

Gels…what more can I say, something that can tie a dish together adding acidity or a new flavour, vegetarian friendly and is easy to make. 

So get the juice of. The flavour of the gel you wish to make, so juice an apple, weight the juice, then take 1% of the juice, which will be the weight of the agar, take it to boiling poin, set the gel, then purée it.

So what I’m saying is, you have a litre of apple juice, make it taste how you want it to taste, so add salt or vinegar if desired, weigh it, if it weighs 1kg, you will need 10grams of agar, add to the juice. Put it on the stove to boil, then set it, in the fridge or just leave it out, it will set. When it’s set hard, it will be hard, but will break, this is when you blitz it. Put in a container, and purée it, add a little bit of water if need to make it smooth. And done. 


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