Instant sponge

Instant sponge recipe100%olive oil

100% egg white

80% egg yolk

80% sugar 

40% almond meal
Blend the ingredients together place into Isi cream gun, with 3 charges. Place into a plastic darole mould in the microwave for 30 seconds.

This recipe can also be changed and you are only limited to your imagination. So instead of olive oil replace with white chocolate. Or a pistachio or nut oil. The options are endless, in the photo above I have use parsley and blitz it through the mix! Vibrant


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Chocolate pave, chocolate parfait rolled in caramelised white chocolate crumb, white chocolate coated popcorn. Tasty

Pork loin

Pork loin is low in fat, light, easy to cook and most importantly delicious, why don’t we eat more of it. I’m not talking the fatty cuts, like the belly I’m talking the loin. 
The versatility of the loin is what makes it great, like a chicken it takes on flavours so well, in the picture about, I’ve used the classic Canadian maple syrup, which works so well with pumpkin. Even glazing it with honey and using stone fruit would work well, it’s all in what your in the mood for, I’m always in the mood for Mexican…paprika, cumin, coriander oh my.
The saltiness of the pork can be a problem for most people, simple answer don’t use salt, and glaze it with sweet and sour flavours, it’s simple. Enjoy your pork

Pistachio snaps!

Sweet, crispy, straight up delicious. What more is there to say, except it’s easy to make? Add them to your dessert or cake, or just eat them. Any ways here goes
75g butter
110g sugar
2 egg whites
70g pistachio nuts chopped or ground.
35g flour
Preheat oven to 160 degrees. So using your mixer cream the butter and the sugar than add the whites until combined. Then fold through the flour and pistachios. And that’s your mix, done. Smear the dough into the shape you wish on glad paper. Bake for 10 minutes until golden brown. Watch them, they burn quickly. Enjoy

Raspberry sherbet

Making this tasty addition to a dessert or just a tasty treat just because is quite easy and doesn’t take long at all. 

So what you need is frozen raspberries frozen, and quickly about 5% still very frozen. Then 100% icing sugar and 5% citric acid, and grind. Put through a fine sieve or not, up to you. Done

Basic short crust dough
100% flour

200% butter

50% sugar

100% eggs

To make a short crust dough is quite easy but it’s a process that cannot be rushed.

So place the butter and flour together, and rub it together, until it becomes sand.

Place the eggs and sugar together and whisk until the sugar is disolved. Add to ‘sand mix, then bind together. 

Do not over work the dough but mix enough that the dough is smooth. Let dough rest for 20 minutes before rolling.

Roll out to a thin base, then using the rolling pin, gently roll the edge of the pastry over the pin to lift it onto your baking tray. Trim using a knife and blind bake

Making that caviar

It looks like caviar but just quite isn’t, it’s gel balls to put it simply. They can be a any flavour you like and would be perfect to tie up your dish or even make your own bubble tea

So to start this recipe the most crucial part is to make your vegetable oil as cold as possible, so put it in the freezer for about an hour.

Now it’s time to make your flavour, so take any liquid you like, beetroot juice, orange juice, anything you want, then weigh the juice, and add 1% of the weight, so 1kg equals 10g of agar. Or 1.5kg equals 15grams of agar easy. Take the juice and the agar to 100 degrees.

Take out your oil and get it into a deep bucket or container, and put your juice into a squeeze bottle. You guessed it slowly drip the juice into the oil, it will sink to the bottom and set into balls.

Make sure to strain the balls out and give them a rinse! Don’t want them to be oily. These bad boys won’t melt until it hits 80 degrees.

Making dem gels

Gels…what more can I say, something that can tie a dish together adding acidity or a new flavour, vegetarian friendly and is easy to make. 

So get the juice of. The flavour of the gel you wish to make, so juice an apple, weight the juice, then take 1% of the juice, which will be the weight of the agar, take it to boiling poin, set the gel, then purée it.

So what I’m saying is, you have a litre of apple juice, make it taste how you want it to taste, so add salt or vinegar if desired, weigh it, if it weighs 1kg, you will need 10grams of agar, add to the juice. Put it on the stove to boil, then set it, in the fridge or just leave it out, it will set. When it’s set hard, it will be hard, but will break, this is when you blitz it. Put in a container, and purée it, add a little bit of water if need to make it smooth. And done.