It’s not all about the mistake or failure, it’s about how you react, your next move.


Chocolate petit fours, chocolate thyme and peanut and chocolate

Octopus and potato

So this my my play on the Grecian style of cooking octopus and potato. So traditionally instead of salting the water they used water fresh out of the ocean, so I took this inspiration and used fresh sea water and brought the to the boil to add my octopus. My octopus was quite large about 2.5 kg, it took about 40 minutes to boil until tender. You can tell when it’s done because it will be soft to touch and the skin will just be coming off. At this stage take it straight off into ice cold water to cool so it doesn’t over cook and so you can cut it.

So this is when I added my peeled potatoes to the octopus water, cooked them until soft.

I cut my octopus into about 7cm length bits, but it is whatever size you would like. Now the fun part, the bbq. I made my own home made bbq with coals a tray and a cooling rack, I heated up my coals until white hot and added them to the tray and placed the rack over it. I used a paprika oil I made out of 200g Veg oil and 10g smoked paprika. This will be to baste the octopus over the coals. Make sure the octopus is dry and place on rack over the coals to cook until crispy, baste with paprika oil.

Just assemble with the potatoes, the crust octopus and paprika oil. Delish and easy.


Free food? Sounds perfect, all you have to do is find it, wash it and cook it. Is it perfect though? Not knowing what has been near it, what has been sprayed on it.

There have been a lot of chefs that have become infatuated with foraging, finding spots, picking the best, sometimes stealing from gardens. Not knowing it’s history can be a problem, but the only real problem is pesticides and chemicals, they will cause sickness. Make sure to wash your food well before use, not recommended for restaurants, but they make a great garnish.



What came first? The egg or the cake? Without eggs we would not have so many of our great desserts, without them we would have to rethink everything we know about desserts. We bake them over 150 degrees they rise, under they stay flat, we can steam them, they thicken our sauces, make us great ice creams, also binds our doughs. They are all important to our desserts, and it’s about time we gave them the reconciliation they deserve. Thanks chickens.


Making pretty food

They say you eat with your eyes first, you can look and already assume what the dish is going to taste like, there is no doubt in my mind hat this is correct.

A dish that is clean, polished and ‘looks pretty’ it should be a clearer use of flavours every bite will unveil different flavours.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying prettier food tastes better, in fact a pile of ragout or curry ‘ugly food’ is packed full of flavour and is what we naturally crave, carbs and salt.

So why do we create pretty food, well to me it’s to showcase the ingredients, to let them shine in ways they haven’t before. So you can really taste it, but the dish should always be balanced, salt, sweet, sour, umami.